Summer Program: Vox Camp

What is the summer program?

Every summer Vox Artium hosts an immersive four day camp for performers of all ages and skill levels. Summer program participants take two dance classes and two equipment classes every day. These classes are designed to be fun learning experiences. Students are challenged with learning new skills—often from different choreographic styles than they’re used to—over the course of three days. On the fourth day friends and family are invited to attend a showcase of these dance and equipment skills, free of cost. Participation in the showcase is voluntary.


Who can attend?

Anyone can attend Vox Camp! We see a wide range of students every year—some who may be picking up a flag for the first time and others who might be seasoned performers looking for a challenge. For this very reason, we offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced movement and equipment classes to accommodate everyone.


How much is tuition?

Registration is free, and tuition is usually $150. Money is due the first day of camp. This fee helps cover facility costs, payment for the educational team, and the dinner provided to all participants for the showcase on the fourth night. Additionally, all participants receive a Vox T-shirt and a ticket to a drum corps show.

Elite Clinics

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Elite Clinics are advanced one-day clinics. Like the Summer Program, Elite Clinics give performers a sense of the environment and choreographic style at Vox. However, unlike the Summer Program, these clinics are specifically targeted towards people interested in auditioning for Vox Artium. This means that all performers take the same advanced-level classes.

Winter Clinic

The Winter clinic is traditionally when Vox Artium previews their show to the public for the first time.

The Winter clinic is traditionally when Vox Artium previews their show to the public for the first time.

The annual winter clinic is a one day event where students from all over California come together to dance and spin with the Foxes. Students get to learn choreography first-hand from members of the Vox Artium’s performing ensemble cast. All ages and skill levels are welcome to this clinic. Participants can take their choice of a one beginning, intermediate, or advanced equipment class and take a dance class together. The dance class is accessible to performers of any experience level.