Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to audition?

People of all ages and skill levels are welcome to come to auditions or clinics. To participate in Vox Artium’s performing ensemble however, one must be at least 18 and no older than 23, per WGI rules or competitive Open Class groups. If an individual is younger than 18, they must have a parent/guardian’s permission to participate in clinics and auditions.



How many people are accepted into the program each year?

Per current contest rules, Open Class groups may utilize up to 30 performers on a floor; however specific quota for performers does exist at Vox Artium. Instead, the staff makes decisions on numbers based off of the talent presented at auditions each year. Every performer brings their own skills and strengths to the table. It is the job of the instructional staff to asses the range of qualities each year’s program demands of the cast Regardless of the number of member contracts given each year, Vox Artium contracts alternates.

Can I march Vox while in High School?

In 1996 Winter Guard International adopted a new policy: “WGI discourages independent color guards from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active winter guard high school program and have not yet graduated.

Vox Artium does not recruit students from local high school programs that have a Scholastic Winter Guard. Vox believes that this policy fosters growth in local high schools programs.

If you are in high school, you are more than welcome to come to auditions and clinics! Participating in auditions is a great way to learn new techniques and understand what is expected as a member in any Independent organization.


Can I march a Drum Corps and Vox?

Of course! We encourage all of our members to continue to grow as people and performers after the Winterguard season is over. We believe that Drum Corps is a great avenue to foster this growth.

Our winterguard program is excellent training for performers who wish to march drum corps. In fact, we have seen many of our members go on to some of the top groups in Drum Corps International!

Vox members who are not marching in the summer—either because they have aged out of DCI or prefer the indoor marching arts attend our Sumer Program.

Will participating in Vox interfere with my college classes?

For the most part, Vox should not interfere with college classes. A majority of our performers are college students. As responsible members of an independent group, they schedule their classes during the week and leave their weekends open for rehearsals and competitions.



What are membership fees like?

Participating in any WGI group is expensive. The board at Vox Artium strives to keep membership fees to a minimum, understanding that most of the members have other obligations. Membership fees are assessed every year based on projected expenses for the season. Should you make the team at auditions, you will be supplied with a contract and a payment plan.

Amongst other things, these fees help cover the costs of rehearsal spaces, competitive circuit fees, hotel lodging at out of state regionals, costumes, team team attire, a charter bus, and a roundtrip plane ticket to Dayton, Ohio for WGI World Championships.

Do I need to own my own equipment?

Vox Artium provides most of the equipment for the performing ensemble, however, Vox has a limited amount of weapons available, it is therefore encouraged that the members purchase their own sabres and rifles, if they are able to do so.



What equipment does Vox use?

Vox Artium utilizes 39" KING SABRES (#KS2-39), 37.5" ELITE 5 RIFLES from Director's Showcase International (White Rifle, Black Bolt, Black Strap), and 6' aluminum pole with 36' x 54" curved rectangle silks. These are available from many sources of colorguard and band supply vendors online.

Click HERE to order your own King Sabre!

Click HERE to order your own ELITE 5 Rifle!

Does Vox Artium host clinics?

Yes! Vox Artium has traditionally hosted a winter clinic at the end of January where they debut their show and teach students either flag or rifle skills. Additionally, Vox Artium hosts an annual four day summer program known as Vox Camp. This is an immersive experience where students of all skill levels come together to learn from some of the best choreographic minds of Southern California. To learn more about these opportunities, visit our Clinic page.



What does the time commitment look like for Vox members?

Being an independent group, many of our members work or go to school during the week. To accommodate for the busy schedule of members and staff alike, Vox Artium rehearses exclusively on weekends with very rare exceptions. Attendance at every single rehearsal is therefore mandatory.

Vox Artium tends to rehearse on Sundays from the time the season starts in September through Thanksgiving weekend, then Saturdays and Sundays through the New Year, and from January to April Vox rehearses Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. In addition to these rehearsals, Vox members are expected to practice and improve over the week.

Where are rehearsals?

Since Vox Artium members come from many parts of Southern California, we do our best to find a midpoint between all of our members. Some of our members come from Orange County while others come from San Diego County. Generally, we tend to rehearse in or around San Marcos, though some rehearsals are held further north or south, based on the availability of rehearsal spaces.



When are rehearsals?

Our members go to school, work, and teach colorguards of their own, making it difficult to schedule rehearsals throughout the week, instead, our rehearsals are on the weekends to accommodate both the educational team and the members of the performing ensemble. Throughout the season we rehearse on Friday nights, all day on Saturdays, and until the evening on Sundays.

Does Vox Artium sell merch?

Yes! We sell Vox T-shirts, show shirts, hats, lanyards, stickers, PopSockets, etc.

Vox Artium merchandise can be purchased at Vox Clinics, the Vox Summer Camp, and select WGASC events!